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How To Register A
Domain Name

Every website starts with a great domain name.
We make registering your domain name quick,
easy, and cheap! To get started,
follow these instructions

How To Renew Domain(s)

Our Domain Management Platform allows
for you to seamlessly manage your domains and
renew them one at a time or all at once.
We’ll show you how to renew domain(s).

How To Set Your Domain
For Auto Renew

Setting your domain for automatic renewal
assures that you remain in possession of it.
If enabled, your domain will automatically
renew upon it’s expiration.

How To Transfer A
Domain Name

If you already have registered your domain
at another provider, then you can easily
transfer your domain to us with
the following steps.

How To Upload Your
WordPress Website In cPanel

You’ve just purchased a hosting
package from NameHero. Now what? In this tutorial,
I’ll show you how to upload your website in cPanel
after downloading it from your old host

How To Change Your
WordPress Upload Limit

If you’re attempting to upload files
on your new WordPress theme or are getting errors that
you need to increase your upload size or memory limit,
they can easily be solved by following these directions

Unable To Create Email
Account In cPanel

If you’re unable to create
an email account inside of cPanel, it is likely
you’ve modified the file structure
of the cPanel account.

How To Add Your Email
Account To Gmail

Some customers wish to add
their email accounts from their web hosting
package to their existing Gmail account.
follow these instructions

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